"We're the in-house prototyping lab you don't have to purchase, maintain or operate. We provide day-to-day service that let's you concentrate on your core competency, design."

"Tired of waiting weeks for your prototype? Get your idea printed today!"

Meet The 3D-Printing Team

Nicolas Aagaard

 Head of Design

Jewelry Designer

CAD Expert

Dane Kistrup Shea

Head of Sales

Product Development

Manufacturing Expert

Kåre Frandsen

Head of Production


Furniture Designer

Northern Layers was created to help designers unlock their creative potential with 3D printing. The modern design process is primarily done in CAD but the value of a physical model hasn't been lost, it provides a tactile experience that is impossible to get in the digital world.

Our mission is to bring the value of that tactile experience to our customers at a low cost, quickly and in a transparent way. That's why we have competitive prices, quick turnaround and a smooth ordering process. We're excited to bring your projects into the physical world!


Formlabs 2



High detail, mid-cost


Acrylic, ABS, PP, TPE(Flex)


145x145x175mm Build Volume


Prusa i3 MK3



Low detail, low-cost


PLA, PETG, ABS, TPE(flex) Special Filaments


300x300x400mm Build Volume




Fuse 1



Coming this fall




Designing for 3D printing can be a complicated process, we've simplified it with design guidelines that are easy to follow. If you have any questions then contact us via the chat button on the bottom right.

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Printing your model is EASY... Upload your STL. file, choose a print technology and material and get a price.

Once you send your order through, we'll review it and accept, you can then pay directly with card. We'll keep you updated during the process, once the order is complete you can pick it up, delivered via PostNord or bike delivery within an hour of print completion.

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Northern layers is a 3D printing service based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We aim to make 3D printing accessible by having competitive prices, quick turnaround time and good service.

Siljangade 1, kld. tv., 2300 Copenhagen S

Phone: +4550269773

Email: contact@northernlayers.com